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About Emirates Park Zoo

The Emirates Park Zoo which is home to more than 1800 animals of various species and origin is the perfect infotainment destination for people of all ages. This is the best place to explore wildlife along with enjoying fun activities like animal encounters, ziplines and car adventure . Emirates Park Zoo is home to the only Indian elephants found in the Middle East, in addition to numerous rare and endangered species, as well as numerous predators and wild animals.

The team at Emirates Park Zoo hopes to inspire and equip the next generation to care for the animals in this environment. Students from colleges and universities in the Emirate, as well as those from around the world, can use the research facility, exhibits, and outreach initiatives to learn about the Emirate.

Animal Inside Emirates Park Zoo

Emirates Park
Wildlife Walk

Get the chance to watch the world’s most furious and fascinating Emirates Park Zoo animals in this area. It is also home to two cheetahs, Jasper and Shazzly, that have fought cancer after being rescued. Do not skip their amazing tale of how they were rescued. One of the interesting areas in the Emirates Park Zoo where the visitors enjoy the wildlife view. The area also helds a feeding session for animals like Lions, Cheetah, Leopards, Elephants and more.

**Animals inside: ** Rhim Gazelle, Arabian Oryx, Srimitter Oryx, Asian Elephant, White Bengal Tiger, Axis Deer, Rhea Fallow Deer Black Buck, Siberian Tiger, Cheetah Amur, Leopard, African Lion, Addax, Eland Gemsbok

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Monkey Feeding at Emirates Park Zoo
Primate Parade

This is where you can get up close and personal with a variety of monkeys. Capuchin and marmoset monkeys of all shapes and sizes can be found in this section of the Emirates Park Zoo animals. Visitors to the Zoo can spend hours watching and even petting these monkeys, which are the Zoo's most lovable and energetic creatures. The primate parade is the place for the varieties of monkeys gathered in a place.

Animals inside: Blue monkey, Hamadryas baboon, Vervet monkey, Patas monkey, Bonnet monkey, Tufted, Capuchin, Mandrill, Squirrel monkey, Common Marmoset, White-headed capuchin

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Emirates Park Zoo
Reptile House

Often misheard animals on Earth, reptiles are fascinating and beautiful creatures with vivid patterns. Reptiles such as lizards, geckos, pythons, tortoises, and water dragons can be found in abundance at the Reptile House. The visitors enjoy Emirates Park Zoo animals, a reptile house with different amazing reptiles.

Animals Inside: The African Spurred tortoise, The ball and Carpet Pythons, Red, blue, and Green iguana, Nile Crocodiles, Desert Monitor, Black, and White Tegu, Spiny-tailed Lizard, Fat-tailed gecko, Blue-tongued skink, Chinese striped neck turtle,Indian start tortoise, Red-footed tortoise, Horse field tortoise, Herman's tortoise, Spotted python, Grey rat snake, Quince monitor, Red-eared slider turtles, Eastern king snake, Green Anaconda

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Emirates Park
Petting Zoo

Your children will have the most fun in this large area at Emirates Park Zoo animals with a variety of goats, sheep, and other farm animals. Among other things, they are able to feed and interact with the animals. There are air-conditioned areas in the Park even though the majority of it is outdoors. You'll need at least three hours here if you want to feed the animals and stroll around the Park.

Animals inside: Brazilian Tapir, Nutria, Warthog, Tortoises, Rabbits, Fallow deer, Sika Deer, Goats and Sheep, Patagonian Mara, Indian Crested Porcupine, Goose, Ducks

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Hippo Feeding at Emirates Park Zoo
Animal Paradise

Watching the animals at Emirates Park Zoo is also a fun pastime for visitors. Plan your visit to the animal paradise in Emirates park in such a way that you don't miss the place's entertaining show when the animal paradise comes out to entertain audiences.

Animals inside: Common hippos, Donkeys, Ponies, Miniature horses, Dromedary camels, Dexter cow, Holstein cow, Alpaca, Llama, Nile Crocodile

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thumb_Snake Alley.png
Snake Valley

You'll see colourful pythons, boa constrictors, and even the fabled anaconda if you walk through Snake Alley. This enormous python will eat its prey if you are lucky enough to be passing by at the right time. Visitors find every snake variety in the snake valley with several patterns.

Animal inside: The reticulated python, Ball python, Nile Crocodiles, Carpet Pythons

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Breakfast with Parrots at Emirates Park Zoo
Birds Park

You can see a wide variety of birds in this area. Ornithology fans will find a wide variety of birds to admire here, from pigeons and ducks to lovebirds and brightly coloured parrots. Take the opportunity to observe and learn about the natural behaviour of birds here.

Animals inside: Parakeets, Laughing Kookaburra, Blue and Yellow Macaw, Red-winged Macaw, Southern ground hornbill, Indian ringneck, African grey parrots,Budgies, Cockatiels, Yellow-headed amazon,, Love birds, Rosellas, Bruce's pigeon, Nicobar Pigeon, Yellow knobbed Curassow, Emerald Dove, Violet and Greater blue turaco

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Breakfast with Giraffe at Emirates Park Zoo
Giraffe Park

This is the place to go if you'd like to feed the giraffes. In order to accommodate the tall giraffes in homes, a feeding area has been constructed upstairs to accommodate the towering creatures' appetites for grass.

Animals inside: Reticulated Giraffe, South African giraffe, Wild beast, Ostrich, Burchell's Zebra, Crown cranes, Fallow deer, Rhim Gazelle, Guinea fowls

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Flamingo Park.png
Flamingo Park

It is the park where the lovely, coloured and regal flamingos gather. You can observe the fascinating flamingos in all their glory. You'll find this Park, complete with a sea lion enclosure, immediately following the bear cave. Visitors to this location will have the opportunity to interact with the colourful flamingos up close.

Animals Inside: Eurasian Brown bear, Mandarin Duck, Greater Flamingo, Southern Screamer, Gooses, Black-headed ibis, Common cranes, Spoonbills, Capybara, Patagonian Mara.

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FAQs Of Animal Areas At Emirates Park Zoo

What types of animals can be at Emirates Park Zoo?

Animals such as Deer, oryx, and all types of herbivores and carnivorous creatures can be found here at Emirates Park Zoo. Tourists can also interact with the elephants by feeding them. There are lizards, snakes, water dragons, tortoises and geckos in the Zoo's Reptile House. Also, Snakes Alley, Giraffe Park, and Primate Parade let guests get up close and personal with some of the Park's majestic animals and reptiles.

When did Emirates Park Zoo open?

This is Abu Dhabi's first private zoological Park, and was opened to the public in 2008. The Park is home to 1700 animals, including wild cats, birds of prey, sea lions, zebras, reptiles, and many more.

How many zoos are there in Abu Dhabi?

The United Arab Emirates is home to three zoos. One is a zoo in Olein, the other a safari park behind Dragon City.

How far is Emirates Park Zoo from Emirates Resort?

Emirate Palace is a short 38-kilometre far away from Emirate Park Zoo and Resort.

What are the opening hours of Emirates Park Zoo?

  • Sunday - Wednesday: 9 am to 8 pm
  • Thursday - Saturday and Public Holidays: 9 am to 9 pm
  • Emirates Park Zoo Ramadan timings: 4 pm to 10 pm

How much time is needed to explore the Emirates Park Zoo in Abu Dhabi?

In case you have children, you can explore the Emirates Park Zoo in Abu Dhabi in about three hours.

How big is Emirates Park Zoo and Resort?

More than 1,400 species of Emirates Park Zoo animals, including birds, reptiles, mammals, and other wildlife, can be found at the Emirates Park Zoo. In addition, Emirates Resort features two spa facilities, more than 40 meeting rooms, and a 1.3-mile-long beach with a marina, two helicopter landing pads, and a ballroom that can hold up to 2500 people.

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